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About Us

    Finance and Taxation Bureau,Chiayi County takes charge of levying on all local taxes, including stamp tax 、vehicle license tax、 house tax、 deed tax 、land tax、 land value increment tax and amusement tax.

    1. Functions and Duties This office is subordinate to Chiayi County Government and is under the business supervision of Ministry of Finance. Prior to August 1992, this office took charge of the collection of a total of 18 inland taxes, including internal, provincial and municipal revenues.
      Starting from Sept. 1, 1992 for sake of unifying the command and supervision of the national revenue, three national tax bureaus were established by Ministry of Finance in charge of the collection business of national tax for each city and county in Taiwan Province, while tax collection offices are in charge of the local tax collection business. Furthermore, Law of Financial Revenue Division was revised in 1999 by turning business income tax into internal revenue which is currently under a temporary collection by tax collection offices.
    2. Priority Tasks of Taxation Tax revenue has been falling short as a result of the recently global economic recession. As tax yield is a backing of financial sources primary to the implementation of governmental policies, other than the promotion of tax automation and service quality, the focal point of tasks in current stage of taxation shall be an enhancement on the propaganda for statutory decree of taxes to encourage taxpayers to report tax returns bona fide for the benefit of the sources of the treasury.
      Reports concerning business scope of local taxes, tax administration electronicization and an application of the management knowledge to tax administration are given in the following sections.